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Are you looking for a summer camp for the boys? Welcome to our website. We have put together a collection of camp service providers that have fun filled activities lined up in the summer for boys to come and learn together, experience new things and engage in character building and survival skills.

Boys will always be boys. They climb trees, go where they are told not to go, set the cat on fire for no reason, and if care is not taken, they will get themselves into trouble. It is there genetic makeup, always looking for something to do, and based on this it is very important that all that energy is channeled into a structured channel otherwise it will go to waste and maybe get the child into trouble.

One if the best ways to keep boys engaged during the summer is to enroll them in a boy’s summer camp or a traditional summer camp with programs for boys. As the name implies it is a camp strictly for boys and they tend to carry out fun activities which they would enjoy. Just as boys like cars and girls like dolls, it is the same way that boys enjoy the activities in a boy’s summer camp. Activities like hiking, volleyball, canoeing, wilderness walks and physically demanding sports.

Most of the providers on our website have been involved in the camping business for many years and they provide the best environment for your child to learn and grow, interact with other kids and learn how to cope when away from home. As a parent or guardian, we want the best for our children and will do everything in our power to provide them the right environment for fun and learning.

In boys only summer camps boys are taught how to work as a team. Through participation, they begin to understand the importance of each member of the team. That as a team they benefit from the efforts of each team member. They learn that sometimes, two heads are better than one in making things happen. This is not done by sitting down in a class and giving them lectures but through team sports like canoeing, football, soccer or other types of team sports.

It also helps them build and improve their strength and endurance, and also teaches them how to make decisions very quickly. Because they are not in their comfort zone, they tend to understand and respect people in authority in the camp. They know that their survival depends on listening to what the camp authorities have to say.

Most boys’ summer camps are designed in such a way that there is an overnight component or the boys will spend some days and nights at the camp. This will also expose them to a kind of adventure, doing things which they would not normally do in their everyday lives. Things like camping outdoors, interacting with nature and learning some basic survival skills like how to make a fire, fish, build a tent etc. They learn about nature and enjoy stories over a camp fire.

No matter how young boys are after their summer adventure at a boy’s camp, it tends to build up their confidence and gives them a rite of passage. They feel good about themselves and have that feeling that they have accomplished something. They make new friends, learn some new skills that they would never have picked up before and view themselves as somebody that could be relied on. They tend to become a role model for younger kids and would quickly and easily assume leadership positions when they have to.

Summer camps for boys is an experience every boy should have at least ones. It provides an exciting opportunity to explore nature and build confidence. Boys learn about team work and develop basic survival skills

Boys Summer Camps
Boys Summer Camps
Boys Summer Camps
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